About Coyote School Furnishings

What will happen after the sale?
Our business model ensures a long term
relationship with our customers!
Our Core Beliefs are Honesty, Trust and Respect

  Coyote School Furnishings is  your source for classroom, library, cafeteria and administration  furniture.


At Coyote School Furnishings, we never just tell you what you want to hear. We never sell you products outside your budget, or those you don’t really need. Honesty is central to the way we operate.


Call on Coyote School Furnishings once, and we’ll be there whenever you need. Even if products are lost or damaged during shipping, or incorrectly installed, we’re here to make the situation right.


Coyote School Furnishings offers a full range of furnishings for the classroom, office, cafeteria, library and administration. We also carry a number of athletic accessories, such as goalposts and basketball setups.


At Coyote School Furnishings, we react quickly to resolve any issues that may impact your order.
Our installation team including a project manager,  will ensure your order is completed to your total satisfaction. In fact, you can contact us at any time for any issues that might arise.

Coyote School Furnishings is a member of the National School Supply and Equipment Association and the Arizona School Board Association. Contact us to request a quote, or with any questions or comments you might have.

We look forward to personally assisting you.
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